Metal + Light + Lego = Sculpture!

He was really into making these temporary sculptures tonight. The flashlights were key – he would hold them at different angles while I took photos. He might try to make something more permanent tomorrow, but he seems to like the process of making and re-making more than keeping an end product.

In other exciting art-related news, he got his first commission tonight. Angela asked if he’d make a drawing or painting for her, based on the one-eyed alien from his sketchbook. When I asked him if he’d be interested, the look on his face was priceless, and the answer was an immediate YES!

He stayed up late to work on the new drawing and on a piece of origami sculpture for me. All is well in the world; the artist is back.


One thought on “Metal + Light + Lego = Sculpture!

  1. Saw a sculpture today, and thought of Sam…A sculpture of spheres in a park. You know where you can find a picture of it : ) –>one of the August 18th posts–did several for today. I linked to the sculptor’s website but haven’t been able to get past the “enter” prompt myself…not sure if it’s my computer, or the website? In case you want another sculptor’s work to look at, thought I would pass it along–>

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