The View from Two

We’ve talked about this before, but I’m wondering how you’re feeling about letting your kids (at home or in the classroom) use your camera. Yes, you’ll end up with shots that are random, fuzzy, and repetitive, but you’ll also get some interesting perspective.

I feel pretty comfortable when Bel and Sam use the iPhone to snap shots, but I haven’t graduated to letting go of my lovely Canon EOS 5D. Maybe because the camera is new to me, I feel a lot more possessive. Plus there are so many more parts that could break. And I’m just working on my own understanding of aperture and ISO, so I’m not really ready to teach someone else.

For my own learning process, I’m finding inspiration and practical tips from:

Sam and Bel just get to take as many photos as they want, when they’re interested in taking photos. Down the road we’ll probably revisit some of these tips from Darren Rowse.

Finally, Fotokids is a site worth checking out. This organization supports Guatemalan kids as they learn photography skills as a means to escape poverty. The perspective these kids bring to their photography is incredibly inspiring.


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