Eye found Ewe

Okay, it’s a cheesy rebus-based title for our scavenger hunt (aka Universe) month wrap-up, but it’s somehow fitting for our month of just doing fun stuff.

We did most of the challenges we set out to try (though we didn’t reach the top of the tallest building in Denver, yet), but the most important thing is that we kept finding each other. That might sound cheesy too, but it’s true. The things we did and the items we looked for were simple and for the most part free. It was really about spending time together and appreciating each other. And eating really good chocolate cake.

On a personal level it was important to find moments like those, because it was one of our busiest work months ever. Having our random scavenger hunt list to play with helped me be with Sam and Bella in the evenings.

The next month of trying new things might not have a list to go with it – more to come about that tomorrow!


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