One New Thing

When we originally set the intention of using September as a month to Try Something New, I was envisioning a structure similar to our scavenger hunt month. We could brainstorm a list of thirty-some new things we’d like to try, and then do them. Instead, we’re changing course a little. We’ll be on the lookout for new things to try, but I don’t plan to blog about thirty new things.

I’m going to be focused on just one new thing for myself – letting go. It sounds simple, and it’s something that’s not really new, at least on paper. My logical mind knows all about letting go, you just say you’ll do it and then you DO it, right? The actual practice of letting go of attachments (to ideas, people, things, habits, you name it) is still new. I’ll think that I’ve let something go, and then it greets me again, usually around 2 a.m. So letting go will be my new practice for the month, and most likely my entire life.

The first step will be simply recognizing when I’m attached to something in a way that’s not healthy for me. Through the month I plan to keep re-reading this post on Zen Habits, written by Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha.

Also, it’s possible that by allowing myself to try other new things throughout the month, I’ll loosen my grasp on old stuff that doesn’t work for me anymore. I’ve jokingly said that I plan to sing in a karaoke bar and get my nose pierced before my birthday at the end of the month, so watch out Denver.

The kids are both involved in plenty of new-ness at their schools. Despite the disastrous back-to-school picnic night, Sam is making new friends in first grade, and getting along well with his teachers. He’s also starting a few after-school clubs, including Lego (!!!) and guitar. Bella is beyond proud that she’ll be starting in her new preschool classroom on Tuesday. It’s at the same school, but she’ll be with new teachers and friends.

I plan to keep up with more-or-less daily blog posts, but instead of just focusing on the new stuff we’re trying as a family, the plan is to showcase other voices. There are a few guest posts lined up that I’m very excited to share. On other days I may be profiling some new-to-me or hopefully new-to-you writers and artists.

What new things are you trying this month? Are you in the mood to focus on one idea, or would you rather try many new ideas?


One thought on “One New Thing

  1. Thanks for your insightful thoughts and for the Zen link. It’s always uplifting to read a new perspective on an old idea.

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