24 Hour Party People

Okay, the photo is completely misleading. I am actually not a 24 Hour Party Person, though I dressed as one for Halloween in 2008. But everyone else in the family turned into Party People today, even that little Punk Pumpkin Sam.

They ended up at three different parties this afternoon and evening. None of them wanted to come home. That’s a huge new thing for Sam, so I guess it’s worth celebrating. The new thing for me is that I’m letting go of expecting myself to be a Party Person.

I went to two of the parties, chatted a little, ate good food, and then when I was ready to leave (way before everyone else), I gracefully left. It’s such a simple story. I don’t have to stay until the very end. And when I leave, I don’t have to feel bad about being the person who leaves. I can be the 24 Minute Party Person and that’s enough. This is my story, after all. I’m happy to be writing it my way, and I’m happy that Bella, Sam, and Michael are each writing their own stories.

I hope you get to party this weekend too, in the way that brings you the most joy and peace.





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