New Route

I thought that changing small elements in my life would somehow result in change that was more profound. As if driving a different route each day, to and from the same places would make a difference. They say that brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand can get your brain all pepped up in the same way. I might try that instead, because I’d spend less money on gas, driving around and making wrong turns all over this city.

To pursue the metaphor, I feel like I’m driving through life with no destination in mind. I’m just driving, because that’s what people do, right? I try to be happy while I drive, expanding my blind spots in order to keep out deeper questions, that would upset the ride. Most of the drivers around me are doing the same thing, so it’s pretty easy to blend in. It’s actually preferable to blend in.

But those questions, they keep sneaking in, despite the huge blind spots I’ve been cultivating. Hey, wait a minute, where are we going anyway? I’ve heard rumors that it’s not about the destination and that if you can enjoy the journey you’re all set, but I don’t quite buy it. There’s got to be a destination point, in order to make it a journey in the first place.

This is all reminding me of a certain song by the Talking Heads (nicely covered by a happy group of people here), so it’s time to sign off, hopefully to dream about where I’m headed.

How about you? Is a new route enough, or is it your destination that needs revamping?


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