The New Wrap-Up

We were in the mountains last weekend, and decided to take an impromptu hike. We were delighted to find this fort made of branches. Another reminder that trying something new pays off; too often we stay home on the weekends, and we’ve never found a fort this cool in town.

This is a wrap for our ‘try something new’ month. Overall it was a productive month – we made new friends, tried new food, took new routes, and of course worked on letting go of old ways that weren’t working for us anymore.

The new, new, new focus will continue; I’ve signed up for a few workshops through the Art Students League of Denver. Much more productive than karaoke and nose piercings, don’t you think?  I already see that the kids are influenced by my own focus on art. They’re gravitating back toward drawing, painting, and just making stuff.

It also turns out that Sam is a decent art coach. I’ve been sloooowly working on a painting, and one evening, as I was working on the computer instead, he innocently asked, “Don’t you think you should do some more work on that painting? When are you ever going to finish it?”

I sort of hide behind the ten-year-process-painting plan, so that was a good nudge. I’ve got some plans for next month on the blog that will relate to finishing projects, i.e. the harvest. If you’ve ever had trouble completing a project, I hope you’ll stop by and find some inspiration – more details tomorrow!

Until then, what did you try this month that was new? What was the outcome?


One thought on “The New Wrap-Up

  1. Great picture of you and the kids, Elise. I wrote about declarations here–and I am still working on keeping those in my head, as I work through my feelings of disappointment.

    I also have difficulty completing projects, and my daughter can be a little coach with her comments, just like Sam ; ) I tend to tackle the daily to-do’s, and leave the long projects for some other time…I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that department! I will be listening, as you explore the topic of finishing/completion. Maybe I can use the phases of the moon as inspiration, as the full moon shines tonight? : )

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