Finishing School

I haven’t been here much, because I’ve been busy finishing other stuff. Well, starting new creative projects too, but with grand finishing plans. That and my day job has involved an excessive amount of screen time this month

When you’re pressed for time, nothing beats a list-y blog post, so here are my picks for some top female finishers, in a variety of creative fields.These are inspiring women who rock it, and make me want to finish things too. It’s definitely not an exhaustive list; choosing just five in each category was difficult.

Who would you add, in any of the categories? What creative fields would you add?

Authors (really more a reflection of the titles currently piled around my bed)

  1. Nicole Krauss
  2. Virginia Woolf
  3. Elizabeth Stout
  4. Anne Fadiman
  5. Harper Lee

Bloggers (with a slant toward some that I know in real life)

  1. Amanda Blake Soule
  2. Amy Karol
  3. Lisa Coughlin
  4. Stacey Bloomfield
  5. Beth Turner

Chefs (and Food Writers)

  1. Alice Waters
  2. M.F.K. Fisher
  3. Naomi Pomeroy
  4. Ruth Reichl
  5. and Julia, of course

Children’s Book Authors

  1. Mem Fox
  2. Cynthia Rylant
  3. Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  4. Louise Fitzhugh
  5. Beverly Cleary

Ed Reformers (and writers) – I know, not a traditionally creative field, but…

  1. Lori Pickert
  2. Celine Richwine
  3. Melissa Taylor
  4. Ellen Galinsky
  5. Susan MacKay

Fabric Designers

  1. Lotta Jansdotter
  2. Anna Maria Horner
  3. Heather Ross
  4. Marisa Anne (Creative Thursday)
  5. Amy Butler

Fashion Designers

  1. Wenlan Chia
  2. Eileen Fisher
  3. Sadie Fox
  4. Anya Anyoung-Chee
  5. Natalie Chanin

Film Makers

  1. Sofia Coppola
  2. Jane Campion
  3. Mira Nair
  4. Niki Caro
  5. Penny Marshall


  1. Helen Frankenthaler
  2. Julie Mehretu
  3. Elizabeth Murray
  4. Lee Krasner
  5. Elaine de Kooning


  1. Vivian Maier
  2. Diane Arbus
  3. Cindy Sherman
  4. Tracey Clark
  5. Mary Ellen Mark




4 thoughts on “Finishing School

  1. I’m going to look up some of the women I’ve not heard of. Thanks for the thoughtful list.

    I admire Twyla Tharp, 71 year old choreographer and teacher with three inspirational books to motivate creativity and collaboration. Some of her dances are on YouTube. She seems to have energy to spare.
    Also, Donna Karan (fashion designer and philanthropist), Nora Ephron (writer and film director), Grandma Moses (painter), Maya Lin (architect) and Elise Edwards (artist and educator). You’re right–the list could go on and on.

    The Seattle Art Museum is showing and
    I’m hoping to get over to see the exhibits.

    Gotta go start something so I can finish it! Today it will include

  2. Author: Martha Beck, Anne Lamott, Gretchen Rubin, and Elizabeth Gilbert
    Blogger: Amanda Blake Soule, Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson–A Year of Reading
    Chef: Molly Wizenberg
    Children’s Book Author: (Cynthia Rylant and Amy K.R. are favorites!!!) I would add Rosemary Wells and Laurie Keller–but there are so many more! I want to mention a picture book I recently fell in love with, since it relates to the topic of “finishing”–sort of–The Quitting Deal by Tobi Tobias. It is told so beautifully–and the illustrations!! by Trina Schart Hyman–you have to find this book at the library to see for yourself.
    Children’s Musicians: Ella Jenkins & Elizabeth Mitchell
    Ed Reformers and writer: Elise Edwards!!
    Filmmaker, among other things: Nora Ephron
    Reflective Mother and writer: Katrina Kenison, Amanda Blake Soule, Elise Edwards
    Life Coach/Motivator: Martha Beck
    Comedic Actress: Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey…many more!
    Artist/Activist: Candy Chang, Lea Redmond, Page Hodel
    All-around-finisher/inspirational force: Oprah Winfrey

    So many more women to name, and categories–just wanted to contribute some. An honor to be mentioned here–thanks to the slant ; ) ha ha ha

    And thank you for the card : )

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