The Gift of Light


On Friday we felt the absence of light, again. I saw Facebook and pinterest memes, with the exhortation – never forget December 14, 2012. My mind raced – what were the exact dates of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and the shooting at the mall in Gresham, Oregon just last week? Too many dates bleed together. Too many names, faces, bodies, literally bleeding together.

We need conversation and collaboration in order to survive as such a diverse group of people – we need to talk, and we need to act. Extreme positions on either side of the arguments leave us paralyzed, with more blood on our hands. We gravitate toward extremes in our views about gun control, in our support of people struggling with mental illness, and in our separation of church and state.

I wrote a longer post, that barely scratched the surface of these issues, but it doesn’t feel right to share it at this time. Instead I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the light that remains. I hope you’ll continue to see the light in each person you meet, and share the light that resides in you.


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