The Gift of Words


I’m pretty soft hearted this season: every kind word and unexpected invitation seem to bring me to tears. The tangible gifts have also lead to mushiness of heart. Lisa sent one of the best presents ever – the word cards above are magnets, and remind me of all the important things in my life. Now there’s talk of painting a magnetic wall upstairs, just to showcase our important words.


In other word news, I’ve got a writing assignment, which is sort of a gift from the synchronistic universe. I was taking a class on writing book reviews, which led me to reach out to the library services group in our district, and now I’m on the district book review committee! It’s my dream volunteer opportunity – I’ll get a stack of children’s lit selections each month, and after writing short reviews, I’ll be able to donate the books to the school of my choice. One step forward in my dream of giving away lots of great books to people who need them.


I’ve got stacks of books to read during our winter vacation. Right now I’m hovering between a few books by Camille Paglia and Joyce’s Ulysses, with a promise to my sister to consider Cervantes. To push the stack a little higher, Celine brought me Introducing Malaguzzi yesterday, an intriguing gift of words that could keep my Italian dreams alive.

Have you given any great word gifts this year?

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Words

  1. I’m so pleased for you, Elise. The review assignment does seem like a perfect fit. And who knows what the experience may lead to in the future.
    I’m reading the Elements of Style with illustrations by Maira Kalman. Aside from the main text which is mind bending sometimes, the introduction, foreward and backward are worth reading. She also recently illustrated Lemony Snickett’s latest book. Here’s an interview with Daniel Handler:
    One thing leads to another.
    Happy reading to us all in the coming year. I can’t wait to see what taps me on the shoulder and says “Look at this! Wow!”

    • Thank you, good recs! I’ve been wanting to read Elements of Style. And thank you for all of the other book links too – so much to read!

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