One more time, with feeling


I’m feeling somewhat sheepish about my 2013 plan for this space. For all of my going on about how we need to try new things, break out of old habits, and let go, I’ve decided to repeat the monthly themes we explored in 2012. It’s that old breadth versus depth conundrum, and depth is the victor, at least for this project.

In addition to exploring the topics as a way to strengthen our own family life, my intention is to provide more resources, links, and connections for other families on similar journeys.

Today Sam and I have been brainstorming all of the foods that he likes, so we can incorporate more of them into family meals. We’ve got a good list going, and lots of great plans for focusing on family meals this month.

I’ve also been setting up a separate, private blog designed to keep me on some sort of artistic pathway, through drawing, painting, and materials exploration. If you’d like to be invited to the Open Studio Saturday blog, you can leave a comment or get in touch with me privately.

Happy 2013!


4 thoughts on “One more time, with feeling

  1. I applaud your plan–Yes for depth! Please send me an invite to the Open Studio Saturday blog. I have a blank canvas and paint sitting next to me, ready to go for myself. Happy New Year, Family Lab for Inquiry and Play!

    We need all the repetition we can get, especially when it comes to family meals. Thanks for keeping the discussion going.

  2. You are getting ahead of me with so many recent blogs and the list of 2012 hits that I’m reading again. Open Studio Saturday–yes!

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