Kings Day Crowns – One Simple Seam

IMG_7957We decided to make some Kings Day crowns today. There are tons of great felt crown patterns out there, but I decided to go rogue and create our own ultra-simple crown. Our crowns are made using two rectangles of felt (the standard size you can buy at a craft store), and one ribbon. We added some additional embellishments that we already had at home. This tutorial is so simple, it’s almost embarrassing to write it up, but here goes!

Start with a rectangle of felt – the size doesn’t even matter that much – it should be roughly the size of a sheet of notebook paper, but use what you’ve got!




Fold your original rectangle in half, creating a long fold. Cut down the line that fold created, to make two skinnier rectangles.


Take one of the skinnier rectangle and fold it in half, lengthwise, a “hotdog” fold. The fold should be facing you.


Now, fold the other skinny rectangle to make a “hamburger” fold. Not so skinny anymore!


Cut the top two corners off of your hamburger, as shown above. The exact dimensions aren’t important, but notice that you maintain part of the folded edge, because…


…you’ll unfold your hamburger to make twin peaks, or upside down vampire teeth.


Sandwich your upside down vampire teeth inside the long skinny rectangle. See how this is coming together?


Now take your other sheet of felt, and cut it in half, lengthwise, to make two rectangles, just like you did with the first sheet. Take one of the rectangles and make a hamburger fold.


Cut a triangle out of the top of your hamburger. Now it kind of looks like a fish trying to eat a triangle.


Unfold the hamburger/triangle eating fish, and position it on top of the upside down vampire teeth.


Fold the long skinny rectangle back up over the layers, and then position a ribbon about an eighth of an inch below the top of the skinny rectangle. Then sew the ribbon on, using a straight stitch. I used a sewing machine, but it could also be stitched by hand. It might be helpful to pin the ribbon to the crown before sewing, but it’s not necessary.



You’ve got yourself a crown! Sam had fun choosing buttons to decorate this one, but he’s still not convinced that he wants to wear one. His main form of celebrating will be helping to eat the new cake that we made today.


3 thoughts on “Kings Day Crowns – One Simple Seam

    • Thank you! I’m happy to report that the crowns were a hit tonight. I’ll try to get some pictures of them up tomorrow.

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