Make It – Minimalist Drink Markers

IMG_8134These are our super-minimalist party glass markers. When we make stuff at home, most of our projects are:

  1. Simple and easy to make
  2. Open-ended – there’s not one right way to complete the project
  3. Made from materials we already have at home (in this case, old Scrabble tiles, bottle caps, buttons, string, twist ties, bobby pins, and velcro tabs)

We’ve been using our fancy glasses every day this week, and since they’re all identical, creating simple drink markers was a useful project. Because our goblets have a downward taper, we had to make skinny markers that rest at the bottom of the glass. At first I was playing around with paper clips and pliers, but I quickly realized that the metal wasn’t flexible enough. Shower curtain rings were way too big, and rubber bands slipped down the glass too easily. The best ties for our glasses turned out to be twist ties, bobby pins, and string.


We threaded the various types of ties through old buttons, and then worked to attach either Scrabble tiles or bottle caps to the buttons, using velcro. I like this design because the tiles and caps are interchangeable. The tiles could also be attached using glue.


Now we’re ready to make a toast and go for a double word score – Cheers!



3 thoughts on “Make It – Minimalist Drink Markers

  1. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with the party idea. It’s so cheerful to bring light and levity to the winter days. Party on….

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