The Cupboard Wasn’t Bare



We were cleaning out cupboards and setting aside some food to donate to Bienvenidos Food Bank. Isabel asked, “Who’s the food for?”

It’s for anyone who needs it. Anyone who’s hungry. Maybe a girl like you, who also likes soup and granola bars and macaroni and cheese.

She was satisfied with the answer, so she continued to help fill the grocery bag. When it was full she pulled it to the back door, and asked when we could take the food to the other little girl. The food bank drop day isn’t until Wednesday, and it was very cold outside, so I told her that we’d have to wait, but she asked about the food a few more times during the course of the evening.

None of us, in our family, have ever been truly hungry. When we say that other people don’t have enough to eat, none of us can really comprehend how that feels. We’ve been hungry, but we always know that we’ll get food eventually, from our well-stocked cupboards and fridge. I’m grateful for the abundance in our lives, so I want to do better, by sharing more. But when I start reading statistics about hunger and poverty, making a difference feels impossible. And that leads to inertia. Tonight I’m grateful for my daughter, for reminding me that even one bag of groceries can make a difference.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa


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