Two for Tuesday


In the spirit of being more present and focused this week, I have just two super-fantastic resource recommendations to share.

rd1Photo from Leafcutter Designs web-site

The first came my way via Lisa – a link to Lea Redmond’s Recipe Dice. Lea has found a way to combine Story Cubes and Iron Chef, and I’m very excited to try the combination at our house. I think the dice might be a great way to pull Sam back into an interest in cooking and eating homemade food (he recently declared that the only homemade food he likes is cake). If you’re checking out the dice, you might want to lose your focus for a few minutes, or hours, and peruse more of Lea’s projects and quirky inventions at Leafcutter Designs.


My second recommendation is The Food52 Cookbook: Volume 2,  by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs. I hadn’t heard of Food52 until I found the cookbook at the library today, but I’m already sold on the concept. The book is a compilation of 52 seasonal recipes, that were the winners of weekly contests on the Food52 web-site. The Food52 community is still going strong, and is an excellent source for inspiration and endless eye candy.

I hope you enjoy both of these recommendations as much as I am!


2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday

  1. Hesser’s book the Cook and the Gardener is a lovely memoir. There’s an air of mystery because you never see inside the chateau kitchen or world of the owners and guests of the chateau. Good enough for me have read it recently again after some years.
    Give Sam some time and he will be as avid a cook and foodie as his Mom.

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