Setting Intentions: Stay Flexible


Each Sunday, I think I’m going to write a terribly useful post like “How to eat organic for $29 a week,” or “My kids love broccoli, here’s how we made it happen!” But here we are, on our third week of setting intentions around family meals, and our goals aren’t that pragmatic. And I spent a good portion of my day doing a photo shoot for the Trashies that now occupy every corner of our home. They’re surprisingly photogenic, though not remotely organic.

We are making some tangible culinary shifts, like shopping at the organic grocery store more often, and buying fewer processed foods. The kids are trying new ingredients and flavors. We’re following rough weekly meal plans, and the crock pot is getting some extra play. But flexibility is the common denominator in each of those shifts. We still eat frozen pizza, and we’re very happy (as long as we cook the frozen pizza before eating it, of course).

While staying flexible isn’t something I can really teach you in five steps or less, I think it’s useful to break down your days and weeks, in order to identify areas where stretching might do you good. If you don’t realize you’re inflexible, then why would you even try stretching?

When was the last time you tried a new food or flavor? What was it?
How do you react when meal plans change at the last minute?
How do you react when an unexpected guest shows up for a meal?
Think about how you shop for food. Are there any patterns that have become ingrained, like walking the same route through the store each time you shop? 
Do your current meal time patterns work for you? How do you think the patterns could shift, to open up your meals to more celebration and presence?


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