Eat Your Words: The Natural Kitchen and The Locavore Way



If you’re looking for good resource books about sustainable food production, The Natural Kitchen (2010) by Deborah Eden Tull and The Locavore Way (2009) by Amy Cotler are both worthwhile choices. Though the books include some recipes, each author is more intent on addressing broader questions about systems, sustainability, and mindfulness. Both books are dense with advice and inspiration for moving toward greener food systems. I especially liked Cotler’s chapter on “Open Recipes and Improvisations,” a style of cooking that works well in our home.


One thought on “Eat Your Words: The Natural Kitchen and The Locavore Way

  1. I was able to order the Natural Kitchen from the library. I see that Deborah Tull is in Portland OR.

    Your comments this month have helped me be even more aware of our food choices. We eat a lot of local and organic vegetables and bulk items, but we also have more processed food than I realized. Mainly condiments and a few canned items. Oh, and crackers and pastas. (I’ve had the pasta machine for 30 yrs. and used it only a few times. Time to make pasta and crackers!)
    We also buy avocados, bananas, coffee, oranges, lemons, peppers and mushrooms from afar. It’s inconsistent to buy those items, but swear off out of season tomatoes and spinach. I think I’ll read Barbara Kingsolver again-Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

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