Eat Your Words: The Fresh & Green Table


When I found this weighty paperback on the new book shelf, I assumed its main selling-point would be the beautiful photographs. Since I’m easily seduced by beautiful photographs, that would have been enough. When I finally dug in to read The Fresh & Green Table (Chronicle Books, 2012), I was impressed by chef/author Susie Middleton’s knowledge base and her accessible writing style. From the introduction:

“You might think that cooking vegetables is all about the ingredients. (Vegetables are, after all, so sexy.) But I think the real secret to making delicious vegetable dishes is a repertoire of good and easy techniques, brought to life – of course – in detailed recipes.”

I’ve made more than a few good veggies go bad because of my poor cooking techniques, so I’m closely reading these recipes, rather than simply gawking at the gorgeous photos by Annabelle Breakey.  The recipes are diverse, and adaptable once you’ve mastered some of the basic techniques. The Fresh & Green Table isn’t meant to be exclusively vegetarian, so a few of the recipes include meat, making the book an excellent resource for bridging the culinary gap in herbivore vs. omnivore households. Vegans will need to adapt the recipes a bit more, as Middleton is absolutely (blessedly) in the Julia Child camp regarding the use of butter, cheeses, cream, and eggs.

The Fresh & Green Table is Middleton’s second cookbook, a semi-sequel to Fast, Fresh & Green. The two books complement each other: her first book focuses on vegetable based side-dishes, while her latest offering is meant to showcase main dishes. You can read more about Susie’s cooking and farming adventures on her blog, Six Burner Sue.

One thought on “Eat Your Words: The Fresh & Green Table

  1. The library has her first book which I’ll pick up today. I liked her blog too. I’m reading Valerie Easton’s Artists in their Gardens–very exciting to see all the creativity and abundance in these NW gardens and to follow up 12 years later-online-to see how they are doing now.

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