Book Review: An Artful Alphabet


Groom by Jennifer Kincaid

You might have gathered by now that we’re defining the category of Games pretty broadly. Anything that leads you to engagement and playfulness could be a game. Tonight’s book might bring exactly those elements into your life.

My step-sister, Jennifer Kincaid, is an artist and entrepreneur, based out of San Francisco. In addition to creating beautiful “traditional” abstract art, she plays with large-scale collaborative works that engage the public – crowdsource art. Six Factorial Times Four to the Sixth is a wonderful example of art morphing into game playing, with the whole process leading to conversation and community engagement. She’s taken that project and created an on-line beta version called Interactorial, which is very game-like and fun.

Jennifer’s current project is called An Artful Alphabet of Scribel Dudel. The first free coloring book in the series is A is for Abstract.Β You can download and print the free PDF version of the book, and then color and create to your heart’s content. Once you’ve scribbled and doodled some masterful work, you can upload photos of your work to a flickr pool, and see what others are up to.

I hope you’ll check out Jennifer’s work, share it with friends, and then get in there and play!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: An Artful Alphabet

    • Thanks Jennifer! I should have sent you a message when I published – moving too fast πŸ™‚ Do you still want to talk about collaborating on some type of activity?

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