Envisioning: Redefining Games


“…I mostly just like the chance to put together these ideas I have as I’m wandering through life. I’ve had a few other “creative” pursuits in the past, particularly writing failed novels and drawing comics, but somehow making games feels like it fits me the best – it was a really great discovery to make. There’s something incredibly satisfying about having an idea for something interactive, and then writing the code and the art and the sounds and the text and so on that makes it a reality. And then just firing it onto the internet so other people might have a look at it.

I guess the shortest answer is just that I have a lot of ideas for things I think would be funny or interesting in game form and I want them to exist, so I make them.”

– Pippin Barr, from an interview at Quote Unquote

I’ve been sick and not doing much in the blog arena over the last few days, but I’ll add more links tomorrow, from Pippin Barr and others in the game design field.


One thought on “Envisioning: Redefining Games

  1. The Jan. 21, 2013 Forbes magazine profiles 30 people under 30 years old in 15 categories, who are succeeding in creative, noteworthy work. One category is Games and Apps. Kim Swift leads that pack with a game she helped create that is one of 14 games in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.
    Good for Pippin in following her passion.

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