Play it again, Sam

These are a few of Sam’s favorite projects involving re-used materials.



We melted old candles and made a plan to use plastic cups as molds. Sam decided to compare four different versions. Two of the cups started empty, the third cup was about half full of cold water, and the fourth cup was half full of crushed ice. I poured the melted wax and then Sam observed the differences between the four cups. When the wax began to cool, he pushed a plastic Trashie toy into one of the cups of plain wax. Later we broke the wax out of the cups and looked at the differences again.



He’s also been doing a lot of woodworking projects, using wood chips, popsicle sticks, balsa wood, and rubber bands.



One thought on “Play it again, Sam

  1. I want to come play at your house! It IS a family lab. Always good to see what the inquirers and players are exploring.

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