New Eyes



We don’t need to get in to quotes from Proust, but I do love the idea of looking at the same old stuff, from a fresh perspective. Hanging out with a three-year-old might be the best way to help yourself transform the mundane to the amazing. Current not-to-be-missed favorite sightings include bunny slippers, a deconstructed baseball, and padlocks.







What’s caught your eye this week?



2 thoughts on “New Eyes

  1. Early Sunday morning we drove to Port Williams beach for a walk. After walking down the beach a ways, we sat on driftwood log to watch the sun on the water. From the south we saw at least two hundred geese drifting north towards us. As they got closer, we watched groups of ten or twenty take flight. It was fascinating to imagine the magic energy connecting them in the moment of deciding “this is the time to lift off”. We watched them all head north and out of sight. A few groups went east and west–go figure?!

  2. This week I am thinking of messages/communication: the various forms–why we use one form over the other, how we use these forms, why were new forms invented–what was the “original” purpose behind the newer ways we communicate? A more “abstract” answer, but that’s what is catching my eye as I visit playgrounds, and go to public spaces, where I see lots of people looking down at their phones. This is what I reflect on often–how we communicate & connect–how it has changed, continues to change, and what I want to model for my family…

    Sort of related–maybe not: Have you seen this Tedx video by Jacob Barnett? Gives a new perspective on learning vs. thinking–Highly rec. you watch it.

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