Better When We’re Together



Here’s the thing about Minecraft… It’s way better to play with friends! Sam will play by himself if he has to, but even then he’ll call me over to share his new findings and bounce ideas around. In order to keep me engaged in the game, he’s come up with some interesting tactics. He built me a farm in one of his worlds, and then made sure to plant food and flowers that I like. He built a big house, which he filled with paintings and book shelves.  He’s also started creating elements that appeal to his sister, like castles with purple walls.

To satisfy his social gaming, in addition to weekend play dates, he’s started going to a weekly kids’ Minecraft club at our local library. The club was started by a fifth grade student from Sam’s school, and typically five to ten kids attend each week. It’s been interesting to observe the group dynamics. The older kids are sometimes helpful to the younger kids, but they’re also typically more competitive and a lot louder. There are a few girls that attend regularly, which has made Isabel more interested in both the game and the club (and now I want to learn more about girls in gaming).

Let’s Have Some Fun In Minecraft!

photo-6Forget about football, the only game of note in our house is Minecraft. We’re not alone; to date the PC version of the game has sold 14 million copies. Players can also craft using a PlayStation 3 version, an Xbox 360 version, and a mobile pocket edition.

We’re going to do a mini-study of some of our big questions about Minecraft this month.

  • How can we make a working spaceship on Minecraft? (Sam)
  • How can we make a princess castle? (Isabel)
  • How can we set up our own private server? (Elise)
  • What if we could start a Minecraft birthday party business? How would we do it? (Elise and Sam)
  • Why do people like Minecraft so much? Why does it appeal to such a wide age-range? (Michael)

I’m sure that more questions will come up as we go, as they always do!