The Perfect Minecraft Party Tutorial

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We did it! We threw a Minecraft birthday sleep-over party for Sam’s eighth birthday, and it was awesome. From the planning, to the shopping, to the actual party, Sam has repeatedly and emphatically stated that this has been his best birthday ever.

If you want to have an equally rockin’ party, here’s the short list of what worked for us:

1. Less is more. In terms of the guest list, the amount of presents, decorations, planned activities, really everything. Except for gummy bears. Buy a lot of those.

2.  Cleaning house before a sleepover is completely unnecessary. Just don’t.

3.  Ogle over Minecraft party tutorials on pinterest to your heart’s content, but in the end do as little or as much as makes you happy. For us that boiled down to a green tablecloth, red licorice TNT, a Minecraft youtube mix playing on the iPod, and a homemade birthday banner made of green and black paper. Don’t stress over details like perfectly copying the Minecraft font, or plastering everything with proportional Creeper faces. Ultimately, the kids don’t care (at least mine don’t).

4. Remember it’s a party, not an agenda-driven meeting. We had a few ideas for open-ended activities from a Frugal Family Times post we found through pinterest (decorating torches and popping wild balloon pigs). We blew through both of those activities in about two minutes, and the kids spent the rest of the time creating their own fun, including Nerf wars, wrestling, tree climbing, eating prodigious amounts of gummy bears, and oh yeah, playing Minecraft.

That’s it. If you have a Minecraft fanatic in your family, you don’t have to stress over the perfect birthday party. Relax, enjoy the chaos, and brew an extra large pot of coffee for the morning after.


One thought on “The Perfect Minecraft Party Tutorial

  1. Sounds like you all had a great time planning and playing. Being the perfect imperfect Grandma, I got Sam’s card in the mail today. It spreads out the celebration. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!

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