Why water? Why not? The study of water and all the implications for its use and conservation could last a lifetime, not just a month. Of course water effects our day to day lives, landing it in the important-to-know-about category, but it’s also simply an interesting substance. Quickly changing form, mysterious water combines gentleness with power, life sustaining abilities with destructiveness.

When I wrote this, we were flying through millions of water drops, 38,000 feet above the ground. Our trip to the North Carolina coast has the whole family giddy with anticipation. The kids joined me on a trip to Portland this spring, but this is their first time visiting the east coast.

Isabel is nervous that crabs will bite her toes off, and both kids are worried about shark attacks. I’m happy to report that I have no pressing concerns about the ocean, other than wondering if we’ve packed enough sunscreen. Oh, and minutes before we boarded the plane we heard that a tropical storm/hurricane is headed to exactly the place we’re visiting. Cool! Talk about studying the power of water first hand.

Not to worry, we’ll be watching the storm’s path closely, and if it rates at a high enough category on Thursday, we’ll leave a day early. The storm watch has brought up interesting conversations about rising sea levels, the changing coast line, and how humans could (or should) make long range plans that involve moving further inland.

So you may see some hurricane related project work here, in addition to study of the ocean, rivers, conservation, and just playing with water in our own back yard.

What are your big questions about water? If you were studying water, what would you focus on?


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