About FLIP!

This project began as an off-shoot of the blog I wrote from 2009-2012, “Yo-Yo Reggio”.  The original aim of blogging for me, was to document my own learning journey,  as I integrated some of the ideas of Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool systems into our family life.  Reggio-inspired systems still resonate with me, both personally and professionally, but I’m also interested in project based learning (or project approach), expeditionary learning, homeschooling, and unschooling.  Bringing these ideas into the home isn’t rocket science, but it does take time for reflection and figuring out which ideas are realistic within the day to day rhythms of a busy family.

The FLIP project is a chance for our family to go more in-depth with some overarching themes that we’re interested in.  Before making the year-long outline, we spent time talking about some of the big ideas that mattered to us as a family, that we’d want to learn more about.  I took that list and arranged it in a way that I think will make sense with the seasons and our schedules.  We may end up changing the themes as we go, but it’s nice to have a general roadmap to guide our inquiry.  We hope that some of the big ideas will be projects that others are interested in too, so that we can share this learning journey.

I’ve posted our year-long roadmap, in case any other bloggers, photographers, or authors would be interested in writing a guest column or hosting some type of give-away that relates to the monthly theme.  If this is something you’re interested in, please e-mail me at projectflip180 at gmail dot com.  I’m aiming to blog as many days as possible each month, and will plan the month of posts about one month in advance, so if you have a guest post idea, send me your query and I’ll fit it in!  I’m fine with writers and bloggers cross-posting, and of course would include links and credits back to your own blog.

Thanks for checking in with the FLIP project!

7 thoughts on “About FLIP!

  1. I love your monthly themes and I can’t wait to see how your year unfolds! I just found you via Pintrest and your old blog and am really enjoying everything you have shared so far for Family Meals. Looking forward to following your journey!

  2. Just found your blog via Pinterest and excited to start following it! I work in early intervention doing routines based interventions within natural environments and love your outlook on learning and creativity!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Gretchen! I have to get back to pinterest – I’ve taken a little break and I miss it!

      I’d love to learn more about your early intervention work too – it’s an area I’m very interested in.

  3. Hi Elise! I had been wondering what had happened to Yo Yo Reggio for a while now and just stumbled onto this lovely place (thanks Twitter!) — and so glad I did! I will be sharing this with Opal School families through the Opal School blog. What a great resource for them. I am wondering if you have bumped into Opal School Online — our new project and resource? Would be so grateful for your thoughts/feedback — and connection if it makes sense to you! Thanks for creating this wonderful blog! I’ll be following!

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